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By-laws of Members Gallery of Pudi Boutique Hotel Shanghai' and Rules and Regulations of the Card

Taking up the entire top floor and reserved for Pudi Residents, registered Members and their personal guests exclusively, Level8 exhibits original art work – all for sale - in the taste & style of our Members in an elegant Art Déco environment. Contemporary gourmet cuisine is offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as all through the night. The cuisine can be described as "Cuisine du Marché". It is based on traditional French Fine Dining with modern touches as well as some selected Asian delicacies presented in a refreshing style.Level 8 consists of ‘Wai Jiao’ Wine Room, ‘Xi Zhao ’ Cigar Room, ‘Belle époque’ Champagne Bar, ‘tiānmù’ Roof Terrace and fitness centre.

Name and Purpose: The name of the Club is the PuDi Boutique ‘Level8’ Members Gallery (the Club). The registered address of the Club is 99 Yandang Lu, Luwan, 200020 Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. The primary objective of the Club is to provide Members and Guests with facilities and relevant services including hotel rooms & suites, dining room, meeting room and recreation facilities for the business, social and recreational needs of Members, their families and guests at a reasonable charge.


Membership: Members are those individuals over the age of 18 years; or those companies, partnerships, or unincorporated associations (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Corporations’) who have been invited, and have applied for membership to the club, and comply with all the applicable rules as prescribed by these By-Laws to become Members. All Members must abide by these By-Laws and any applicable rules that the Club may implement and adjust at its discretion.

Membership to the club is classified into four categories:

  1. General Membership
  2. Golden Membership
  3. Platinum Membership

Rights and Liabilities: Please refer to the information on the card.

Accounts: Each Member, unless signing privileges are granted under the establishment of a Deposit Account and the according Account contains sufficient deposited funds, will pay all charges incurred during each and every visit by cash or valid credit card as specified from time to time by the club. Platinum member can charge the account in advance. No Credit is extended to Members.
A Member wishing to use his singing privilege has to produce his VIP Member’s Card, sign the bill including VIP Card Number, name and await confirmation by the respective Club service staff.

Transfer of the Membership: PuDi Memberships is not transferable.

Loss or damage of the Membership Card: Please contact the club centre of issuing for a replacement upon loss or damage. Such replacement may cause a certain cost, please contact the issuing centre for details. Any economic loss caused by loss before reporting shall be borne by the holder.

Loss or damage of the Discount Voucher: The voucher remains the property of the guests who received it. The hotel is not responsible for the replacement of the loss or damage of it.

Valid Date: The expiry date is last day of the month displayed on your membership card. The card could only be used by the holder himself.

Resignation: Parking is available in the areas provided by the Club, designated to Members who intend to use the Club facilities, subject to space availability.A car parking charge may be levied and applicable fees as determined by the Club management. The hours the service is offered are kept at the “Business Desk” and may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the Club management.

Parking: The club will assign parking place to the member in it parking lot according to the relevant situation. The charge will at reasonable level at club’s discretion, implemented by hotel business centre. The club reserves the rights for further amendments.
The club is neither responsible for any loss, damage or stolen of the car, nor the belongings to the car.

Amendments: The Pudi Hotel remains the rights to amend, adjust or modify rules and regulations without additional notice.

Acceptance: Signature or usage of card or voucher constitute the acceptance all above rules and regulations.

Note: The Hotel holds the final right of interpretation to these By-laws, all the rules and regulations applied by this club


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